support THROUGH sponsorship and/or private investment

Marketing and Brand Recognition

Be part of something extraordinary. El Paso has everything necessary to become a real Hollywood town. Great talent with many stories to tell. Sunsets that are ideal for cinematography. We should share our cinema with the rest of the world.

With your contribution, the development and hard work that has gone into developing MUERTOS DE HAMBRE (2019) will get off the ground. The movie producers are looking to partner up with Sponsors and Investors.

Here’s what we can do for you and your company:

We will place your Company Logo on all marketing material released with the film including the film’s opening credits and closing credits. Movie Posters. Press Releases. Photo Opportunities at Press Events. Social Media!

We will work with other passionate film loving people of the region in order to produce substantial works across a release schedule for world distribution across multiple delivery channels. This means, lots of views by people from all over the world!

Supporting the Seventh Art in our community is our mission but we need your expertise in business; film financing comes with many real world risks that need to be discussed. We would love to present to you our MOVIE PITCH in five minutes. Contact us to set an appointment at (915) 319-3533 or email

Thank you for your consideration.

-The Filmmakers


sponsoring this film comes with many perks!

  • Company Logo in Opening Credits

  • Your brand gets exposure

  • Product Placement

  • Executive Producer Credits

  • Special Thank You in the Closing Credits

  • All Access Passes to the Movie Sets

  • Attend Meet and Greet Events

  • Attend Movie Premieres at Film Festivals

  • Movie Blu-Ray Collector’s Editions and Director’s Cut

  • Autographed Original Movie Posters and Movie Prints

  • Special Screening VIP Badges

  • Future Project Invites

  • New Friends & Family


with your initial sponsorship you help us kickstart this movie production’s 30 day fund raising challenge. ALL SPONSOR LOGOS WILL BE PLACED IN THE SPACE BELOW, in the movie, and on all of our marketing materials. thank you for your sponsorship.